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Zip Line – 607 m

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About Aventura Park Arsenal

Adventure Park Arsenal was build out of the desire to develop adventure and leisure tourism in the area. Our goal is to transform this park into one of the main attractions in Transylvania, a perfect place for spending time outdoors in a pleasant and entertaining way with family and friends.
Adventure Park Arsenal has 6 progressive difficulty tracks, accessible for various age groups, strength and courage. Each participant to the adventure receives a two carabiners safety equipment to be used at all times, according to our safety measures.

Each track has a certain level of difficulty, symbolized by a specific color. In Adventure Park Arsenal, there are two yellow tracks, two green tracks, a blue one and a red one, from 3 to 30 meters tall. Overall, visitors can use their 3 hours access to cross all the 77 games.
Adventure Park Arsenal qualified staff will deliver the regulation presentations and safety measures. Our coaches will supervise participants and will be at their disposal in case of questions or problems.
Adventure Park Arsenal is open daily between 10 and 5. There is no need for reservation.