PowerFan Jumps

Fun and adrenalin! A new Arsenal challenge: PowerFan Jumps!

PowerFan Jumps means 30m high freefall jumps, assisted by a PowerFan type device – a high end system used for jumps from a certain height without the need of a bungee cord or a parachute. It has a Petzl insurance system, with a central point. For the first 15 metres, the fall is free, after which the system acquires control. The falling time is 2 seconds, and the landing is pretty slow.
Minumum age: 18 years old.

This activity is performed under the supervision of our Arsenal Park instructors, in compliance with their rules.
PowerFan Jumps is an unique activity in our country. Do you dare to try it?

About the Arsenal Watertower: The Arsenal Watertower is the starting point for two of the latest activities in the park: Arsenal Zipline and Arsenal PowerFan Jumps. The less brave guests can simply admire the landscape from the above, without trying these activities. For any of these three leisure possibilities, the acces is through the elevator by buying a 30 lei ticket/person. Once up in the elevator, the amount (30 lei) is not refundable under any circumstances.