In  Adventure Park Arsenal area, recreation and leisure activities take place, but only by respecting the park visiting rules, according to this Regulation. To get a pleasant experience, please read carefully the instructions. All these instructions are implemented in your own interest and for your own safe. Your entrance into the park means consenting to this Regulation and involves compliance of the provided rules. Any future complaint will not be taken into consideration.

Adventure Park Arsenal is privately owned and it is mandatory to acknowledge the Regulation.

General Regulations and Practical Guide                                                                 

1.The Regulation must be read and acknowledged before starting any activities. All the visitors go through the tracks on their own risk. For children under 18, the consent is expressed by parents or companions. They are responsible both for their safety and for their behavior during their presence in the park.

  1. Access to AdventurePark is allowed by purchaising a visitor ticket and showing the ID; the access is granted within the listed hours.
  2. Access time in thepark is within 3 hours. If you want to extend the stay, you have to pay extra.
  3. Access in thepark is possible only for physicaly fit and mentaly prepared people who can go through the tracks alone, as the safety rules require. It is forbidden to go through the tracks feeling sick (with fever, having heart problems, with serious seight problems, with motor disabilities, having fear of heights) or after alcohol comsumption, on drugs or medications that reduce reactions.
  4. ParkManagement reserves the right to exclude (without refund) any person who does not comply with safety regulations, which behavior is dangerous  and has a risk potential to himself or others, who is disturbing the activities of other guests and who is bothering others. It is forbidden the access on the tracks of unauthorized people.
  5. Visitors must have health insurance.
  6. It is forbidden the access with foods, drinks, with inappropriate clothing and/or footwear. It is forbidden to chew gum while going through the tracks. The recommended clothing and footwear is sports or mountain – like.
  7. Visitors are required to listen and follow the qualified personnel instructions. The presence at the usage equipment and performing games demonstration provided by our staff is mandatory.
  8. Equipment is rented for 3 hours and it is not transferable. Donning and doffing are performed only by authorized personnel. After completing the activity, visitors are required to return the equipment before leaving thepark.
  9. Equipment should only be used in the way indicated by staff. It is forbidden to adjust harness or other equipment, damage the equipment with flammable materials or sharp objects.
  10. The destruction of equipment provided by AdventureParkdue to not following usage instructions will be borne by the person to whom it was leased equipment / the guilty person.
  11. Usingall the safety features all the time is mandatory.
  12. Maximum 2 persons are allowed on a platform and only one on a game / cable. It is forbidden jumping and rocking the device or shaking the cable or the platform.
  13. The tracks should be crossed starting with an easy one and ending with the most complex.
  14. It is forbidden going through the tracks during bad weather (wind, storm, rain). Management reserves the right to stop work in the event of improper weather conditions.
  15. The sale, promotion, share of samples, recruiting or interviewing people inside AdventureParkwithout the written consent of the representatives of the park is forbidden.
  16. The use of audio/video recording equipment is forbidden. These devices may be used only with the agreement of AdventureParkManagement.
  17. By reading this Regulation, the participants expressed their agreement on the possibility of including them into photos for illustration and commercial support to promote AdventurePark.
  18. The sale, purchase, consumption or possession of substances prohibited by law in theparkis forbidden.
  19. Smoking is allowed only in special places. For physiological needs please use exclusivly the toilets.
  20. It is forbidden to enter in theparkwith pets.
  21. It is strictly forbidden to introduce / use / abandon in the AdventureParkarea  of any sharp or brittle object, which can cause injury.
  22. AdventureParkis not responsible for items left unattended.
  23. It is forbidden to break branches, throwing garbage and cigarettes in other places than those specifically designated, lighting fire in thepark by visitors, cutting, burning, destroying or damaging by any means the forest, the informative panels and indicators of any type.
  24. AdventurePark is not responsible for any accidents and damages caused to third parties as a result of  not following safety measures delivered by staff.
  25. AdventureParkis not responsible for any accidents or loss due to falling branches.
  26. Not following this Regulation and the applicable laws result in expulsion from thepark.


For any questions, please contact Adventure Park’s staff.