Adventure Park Arsenal has 6 progressive difficulty tracks accessible for various age groups, strength and courage.  Each participant receives a two carabiners safety equipment to be used at all times, according to our safety measures.

Each track has a certain level of difficulty, which is symbolized by a specific color:

  • There are two yellow tracks for children aged over eight and for beginners; the yellow tracks do not exceed a height of 3 meters.
    • Yellow Track A is made up of: suspended log, Sahara plates, flying fox, Tibetan bridge, Cubanese lianas, beam, crocodile bridge, China’s bridge, barrels, Cuzbeck bridge, flying fox.
    • Yellow Track B is composed of: batten bridge, Nepalese bridge, Amazon’s bridge, suspended spindles, Spanish beams, Argentine bridge, the moon’s passage,bridge of Thores, shipwreckers bridge, small loops, flying fox.
  • There are two green tracks meant to help you get used to high height; these green tracks do not exceed a height of 6 meters.
    • Green Track A is made of: Guanaco bridge, flying fox, Admiral scale,Ichwill bridge, flywheel swing, Algarve’s  small beam, logs of Soleure, bridge of Cuistitis, bridge with circles, Gantrisch’s bridge, Jura’s spindles, suspended beams, knife’s edge , flying fox.
    • Green Track B consists of: Turkish ladder, dowels , Dune gangway, Metro passage, swing, sleigh, Welsh logs, Himalayan bridge, hanging loops, Austric’s bridge, logs, wooden ladder, jungle crossing, flying fox.
  • One Blue Track of medium difficulty, considered to be the most enjoyable and the most fun. This track has the following elements: Mongolian ladder, chimpanzees ladder, flying fox, Robinson ladder, Maldives bridge, flying trapeze, Appenzell bridge, flying rings, demon’s ladder, Swiss liana , pyramid ladder, Caledonian logs, Ormont ladder, flying fox.
  • One Red Track that requires energy, strength,technique and a lot of adrenaline is pumped. You will be filled of satisfaction! The red track is the most difficult of all and is composed of Moroccan ladder, flying fox, parrot ladder, lemurs’ bridge, trapezes with logs, Jamaican lianas, surf on the cable, Vietnam bridge, flying ladder, beam, Romanian ladder, two fying foxes of 37meters and 41 meters long.

Specifications: there are 6 trails with 77 elements/games

Builder: Vertiparc SRL Brasov (2014)

This complex was built according to the EU safety directives and standards.